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Obama's Climate Change Words And Actions Don't Match, Alaskans Say, JOHN RYAN, AUGUST 31, 2015

"DANIELLE REDMOND: We know that offshore drilling in the Arctic is not compatible with a stable climate future.

RYAN: Danielle Redmond is an activist with the Alaska Climate Action Network.

REDMOND: And yet the Obama administration approved Shell's final permits just days before coming up here to host a conference highlighting climate change in the Arctic. It's really just an absolute contradiction."

Democracy Now!

"Our Climate, Our Future": As Obama Visits Arctic, Alaskans Urge Him to Reverse Shell Oil Deal

"Well, for more, we go to Anchorage, where we’re joined by Rick Steiner via Democracy Now! video stream, a marine conservation biologist, former professor at the University of Alaska. Today, Dr. Steiner will speak at the 'Our Climate, Our Future' rally convened by a coalition of Alaskan grassroots groups ahead of President Obama’s speech.

"...President Obama has been good on climate. He’s probably been the best president in the history of the nation on climate change. But the problem is, he hasn’t been good enough. The commitments that he has made are not enough to turn the tide on climate change. We’re on a sinking boat, and it’s like we’re taking on two gallons of water—excuse me—every minute, and we’re bailing one gallon. So, it’s a recognition that they’ve made that there’s a serious problem here, but it’s not enough to fix the problem. This is an enormous threat in Alaska. We’re living it daily. We’re in crisis. And we need to have a response that’s commensurate with the crisis.'"

Alaska Public Media

Alaskan Greens: Obama’s Words, Actions Conflict On Climate Change by John Ryan, KUCB

Alaska Public Media

Alaskans rally against drilling, climate change outside of GLACIER conference, By Anne Hillman, August 31, 2015

"Danielle Redmond with Alaska Climate Action Network helped arrange the protest, which featured a model of Shell’s drilling rig with the moniker 'Polar Profiteer' instead of 'Polar Pioneer.' She says they’re glad that President Obama is in Alaska and has spoken about climate change, but he hasn’t done enough.

“'The message that has become clear to us is it’s absolutely up to us, to ordinary people, to create the political space that is needed for real change.'”

Juneau Empire

As president comes to Anchorage, spots of Juneau rise to surface, By James Brooks, August 30, 2015

"Elaine Schroeder came from the capital city to Anchorage on a humbler but no less important mission. She and five or six other Juneauites (and Gustavians) intend to participate in a rally scheduled for noon to 2 p.m. today on the Anchorage Park Strip.

During his trip, the president is expected to focus on the importance of fighting climate change, and Schroeder said their goal is supplementary: 'We feel we are giving the president the support he needs to go even further in his actions to fight climate change,' she said.

While Schroeder and other members of the Alaska Climate Action Network prepared signs Sunday night, Fran Ulmer, chairwoman of the U.S. Arctic Research Commission and former Juneau mayor, concluded a science expo in the NANA Regional Corp. offices."

Juneau Empire 

My Turn: Our Climate! Our Future! Alaskans Demand Urgent Climate Action, by Danielle Redmond Sept. 7, 2015

"As I reflect on the Our Climate! Our Future! rally, the art party, and the trip to Seward with the 'Polar Profiteer,' it occurs to me that I got a total of one angry rejection the entire time. Instead, just like at previous events this year, Alaskans poured out of the woodwork to say, 'Thank you so much! What can I do to help?'

You wouldn’t expect that in a state where oil provides the vast majority of the revenue — I didn’t. Talking about climate change has been taboo here for a long time.

But it turns out that most people are aware of how much renewable energy potential we have. They feel the impacts of climate change in their daily lives. They know that our $3.5 Billion dollar budget deficit is a direct result of our dependence on the fossil fuel industry. They’re worried sick — and they thought they were alone. It turns out they’re not."

Iowa Public Television

"Danielle Redmond/Alaska Climate Action Network: 'We're here to say thank you to the president for elevating the issue. It's good, it's a good start. But it's not enough, we need more.  And we need it on par with the science. We need a just transition.'

The President’s words were echoed at a nearby rally, but environmental activists drew a stark contrast with recent Obama Administration approval of Arctic drilling by energy giant Royal Dutch Shell.  Protesters called for a cancellation of the policy, claiming the green light comes at a time when climate change is already wreaking ecological havoc through coastal erosion and receding sea ice."


"In rallying yesterday, the groups are hoping that the President will change his mind on Arctic drilling. 'We are thankful the President is willing to see for himself the real impacts of climate change, but we hope that once he understands the dire situation, he would go further and actually address the situation by taking effective action such as canceling Shell’s Arctic drilling,' said Faith Gemmill of RedOil."

Daily Kos

"The most heart warming aspect of this event was how many Alaska Natives (term for Native Americans in Alaska) were in attendance and part of the program. There was a very encouraging diversity of attendees, but the programming was also very diverse, and not just ethnically. The were local labor organizers, as well as others from Seattle, which also happened to be the ethnically diverse, and young. The faith community was represented and spoke. And the Alaska Native, and other Native American, presence was weaved deep into the fabric of the program, and was very visible among the attendees."


KTUU Channel 2 News in Anchorage, AK

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