Alaska Climate Action Network

Our Climate Art Party!

Sign-making party & discussion to prep for our rally at the GLACIER conference.


The GLACIER conference is a gathering of leaders from around the world, including President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, to discuss climate change and the Arctic. 


We will be standing in solidarity with Alaska Native communities, who are on the absolute front lines of Arctic drilling. They are poised to officially become the first climate refugees in the United States and we will not allow their homes, their food sources, or their way of life to be the next sacrifice zone.



The agenda for this conference has been released and while we appreciate that world leaders recognize the crucial role of the Arctic, it is also clear that the topics on the agenda are not adequate to address this global emergency. The agenda is limited to resilience and adaptation, when what we need is mitigation.


That's jargon for: we have to stop putting greenhouse gases into the air. ASAP! And unfortunately, that is not on the agenda for this conference.


That's where we come in. It's up to us - ordinary citizens - to demand change. Our leaders are working in a system that is stacked against change and politicians have a lot to gain from maintaining the status quo. We have to create the political opening for real change by demanding swift, bold action on climate.


That means keeping fossil fuels in the ground and investing in renewables.


The good news is that as Alaskans, we have a strong voice. When people in the land of "drill baby drill" stand up to say "enough is enough," people take notice. What's more, we have solutions. Renewable energy is rapidly becoming affordable and Alaska has a wealth of renewable resources to tap. That's good for the climate and the economy! 


If you would like to ditch our $3.5 billion deficit and move toward independence from the fossil fuel industry, join us on Aug. 30 & 31 to confront the glacial pace of political action on climate change. 

August 30, 2015 at 4pm - 7pm
Valley of the Moon
1830 Bunker St
Anchorage, AK 99503
United States
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