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Renewable Energy

Alaska is rich in renewable resources! We have wind, hydro, geothermal, and even solar potential that can be implemented right now. We also have a wealth of smart people working on these solutions. Alaska CAN is pro-development! Why stay stuck in the past when we could be moving into a vibrant, sustainable, energy-independent future with technologies that are already available?

Renewable Juneau

Avista (the new owner of AEL&P) wants to bring natural gas to Juneau for home heating and appliances, but Juneau knows better. Hydropower and heat pumps are proven technologies that are already working here in town. We have clean, affordable, renewable energy right in our own backyard. 

But sustainable communities are more than just electricity. People all over CBJ are doing projects that will reduce consumption & waste, increase food security, and bring social justice to the environmental movement in AK. Stay tuned as these connections develop and we network to build a broader, more powerful movement. 


Keep it in the Ground 

The science is clear that if we want to stay below two degrees in warming, we need to keep 80% of our proven fossil fuel reserves in the ground - never mind exploring for more! That means we need to significantly reduce both fossil fuel use and development. 

Natural Gas in Juneau

Natural gas is not the solution to Juneau's energy future. Research shows that natural gas is not the clean fuel we've been sold and Avista's proposal would lock us into fossil fuels for decades to come. Building natural gas infrastructure would significantly limit our ability to curb emissions. Why would we invest public money into new fossil fuel infrastructure so that an out-of-town private corporation can run a monopoly in our small town? 

Arctic Drilling

Drilling for new oil & gas, with a 75% chance of spill, in the wild, abundant Arctic is madness - especially given Shell's disastrous track record. We could not be happier that Shell has decided to discontinue exploration for the foreseeable future. The cancellation of lease sales for the next two years is another step in the right direction! 


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