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Renewable Juneau

Juneau is at a crossroads. Avista (which owns AEL&P) wants to bring natural gas to Juneau.

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Now is the time when we need to be transitioning to renewable energy. Natural gas has a reputation for "burning clean," but that doesn't count all the methane that leaks at the point of production. It also doesn't count the damage caused by fracking in Canada, where Avista plans to buy its gas. Investing in natural gas infrastructure would lock us into another fossil fuel for decades to come, and limit our ability to curb emissions in the future. 

Let's develop the clean, affordable, renewable energy we already have right in our own backyard. Hydropower and heat pumps are proven technologies already working here in Juneau. Why invest public money so that a private corporation from Washington can run a monopoly in our small town?

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